How to get memocoins for FREE?

Would you like to get memocoins and don’t know how? Here’s how to obtain them for FREE!

There are several ways to earn memocoins, as follow:

  1. [New!] Invite your friends and win thousands of memocoins! Click here to know how.
  2. Get into the new mini-game Ice Cool by entering the following code. Earn memocoins while having fun!
  3. MemoCool Plus rewards you daily just for using it 🙂 Every day you’ll receive 25 free memocoins.
  4. Follow us and don’t miss the promotional codes we publish each week in each of our networks (Android users only).
  1. Participate in raffles and contests that will offer very soon. You could win a lot of memocoins!
  2. The first time you share a note a_compartiryou’ll receive 50 memocoins! (Android users only)

How to use promotional codes?

At the moment this feature is available for Android users only. 

To use a promotional code you just need to tap on the gift shaped icon, at the top of the screen in MemoCool Plus.

On the next screen you can validate the codes you’ve found visiting our social networks.


As a reward for having come this far, try the following code and get 150 memocoins!




6 thoughts on “How to get memocoins for FREE?”

  1. I take a large about of medicine per day and when I’m out I can use this app to remember times.
    I’ve also used the notes to send things to my friends that they might forget.
    Yay for this app!!

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